Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Bush should be proud of this one.

So... imagine that you were a voter. You go to the polls to vote, and get your finger "inked" with supposedly indelible ink that would not only mark the ballot, but mark your finger for two weeks. You cast your vote and hope for the best.

But after your vote, you notice that the ink used on your finger has disappeared, or rubs right off. Allegations emurge of people coming back multiple times to vote. Polls are kept open longer than previously agreed upon. People report threats and intimidation being used to force people to vote for the current president.

There are 16 candidates on the ballot, and 15 of them cry "Fraud!" and boycott the race in disgust.

You've got the materials for a protest sign... and you also have an AK-47. What do you do?!

Welcome to democracy in Afghanistan.

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