Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Promising poll, deadly toll.

The Zogby Battleground States Poll shows Kerry back ahead amongst likely voters in 13 out of 16 battleground states! This is roughly where the Zogby Poll had the race prior to the Republican National Convention.

Kerry's strong comeback in these swing states makes it entirely possible that he could potentially lose the popular vote, yet still convincingly win the electoral vote in the upcoming election. That said, the momentum still appears to be with Kerry coming out of the Vice Presidential debate, going into Friday's presidential debate. Tune in, watch, and be active in the debate *after* the debate. It will take a lot of truthtelling from a lot of people to shift this country back to a balanced perspective again.

One thing you should consider supporting though -- is raising funds to broadcast what appears to be the most powerful ad of the whole campaign. Want to help get rid of Bush? Watch the ad. Post a link to it ( ) in your journal. Send it to your friends via email. Why? Because this ad is the only one that really says something about the horrible, grievious cost of going to war based on distorted, cherry-picked intelligence that ignored the intelligence of weapons inspectors, of the press, of scientists, and of our allies. Evidence which didn't fit the Bush Administration's hypothesis was systematically pushed aside for political purposes, while the advice of generals and experts on rebuilding Iraq was ignored.

Something tells me that it won't be as easy to ignore the mothers of the fallen.

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