Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

An email from Iraq.

Got an email from Riverbend, a female Iraqi weblogger, who I wrote last week regarding this story.

Dear Mark,

Thanks for the link. I know a lot of Iraqi blogs are misinforming... I've pretty much stopped reading most of them. It's depressing. Between you and me, some of us here refer to that certain set of blogs as the "Chalabi Chronicles"- it's basically the same stuff Chalabi, Allawi and gang have been spouting for the last year.

I like what you've written about the debate between Edwards and Cheney. I watched most of it on CNN and it was such a contrast watching the two. Edwards looked fresh and somewhat energetic and Cheney just looked like... mold (I'm out of adjectives at this point- excuse me).

Thanks for writing to me.


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