Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Tips from Condi #27: How to deny and lie at the same time.

When recently pressed on ABC why she ignored the conclusions of the Senate Intelligence Committee, UN investigators, and the International Atomic Energy Agency that aluminum tubes Saddam Hussein wanted to purchase couldn't be used to make nuclear weapons, Condoleeza Rice said...

"As I understand it, people are still debating this. And I'm sure they will continue to debate it."

What people? None of the experts. Only you and the Neo-cons, Condi.
In 2002, she said:
"The tubes are only really suited for nuclear weapons programs."

Now she says:
"I knew that there was a dispute (over the information.) I actually didn't really know the nature of the dispute. A policy-maker cannot afford to be on the wrong side, underestimating the ability of a tyrant like Saddam Hussein."

I see. So, a policymaker must lie misrepresent the facts as they know them to the Senate and the people of the United States, because that's how you fight tyranny?

But what about tyranny at home, Condi?! Don't you encourage tyranny by lying misrepresenting the facts to Congress and to the people of the United States? Why lie misrepresent the facts in the first place when the Bush Administration's stated goal was to disarm -- not oust -- Saddam Hussein?!

Why, you'd *almost* think that their stated goal of disarming Saddam Hussein was a lie misrepresentation of the facts too...

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