Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Look Ma... top of the world!

My best friend Randall is in town... tomorrow, by his request, we are all going on an 8+ hour roadtrip to Vegas to drink, spend money, and see some pretty lights.

For years, I never wanted to go to Vegas and thought that I would hate it... but that is an oversimplification of the issue. I love/hate Vegas. I hate how it caters to the lowest common denominator and to people's baser elements, but I think the actual truth is that they are just a lot more honest about doing so than other places. There is a kind of freedom inherent in an environment where you know that anything goes if you have the money... especially if you do.

So, we're driving through the Mojave Desert... which I really quite like in a strange way. I have an appreciation for lots of nothing, apparently.

beautiful, isn't it?

Probably a nice place to spend winters, if you think about it. Houses are cheap out there, by the way... Ever wanted a house in California for $27K? It's there for the taking, according to this one woman we talked to last time we made the trek. She runs a gift shop, selling pottery and vaguely Indianeque Americana stuff by the side of the road...

It gets hot out there... You can always stop in at the world's largest thermometer along the way to find out just how much hotter it gets. This is a picture on a cool, breezy overcast day. ;)

A cool, breezy, overcast day in Baker, California... only 102 degrees!

There is something very cathartic and reflective about the drive to Vegas... the way the road goes onwards into nothingness in the distance, or goes gradually upwards forever... and ever... and ever.

And at the end of the road?! Lots of pretty lights... I like pretty lights. When the new year begins, we will be at the top of the Stratosphere, watching a huge fireworks display as it heads up the strip gradually for ten minutes, finally arriving at the top of the Stratosphere itself...
Watch the pretty lights...

See ya next millennium! -M.

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