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Leave no voter behind. is holding a "Leave No Voter Behind" meeting tonight, open to the publc.

You can use either your phone or your computer to join the meeting, hear how they're going to get hundreds of thousands of people to vote, and, more importantly, how you can help make a difference in the upcoming election.

After they've told you how you can make their voter drive a success, you can join an "online phone bank" and help get out the vote... a very easy way for you to spend a bit of time at home and help make the difference in the upcoming election.

They have several of these online "get out the vote" drives coming up, but you can help out this evening by going to and signing up for more info.

Given how close the last election was, imagine the power of having thousands of additional volunteers nationwide, contacting hundreds of thousands of voters, getting them to register and get out to vote.

If you consider how much the last four years under Bush has cost our country, our economy, and our standing in the world, can you afford *NOT* to be a part of it?!

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