Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Be an Unlikely Voter! Register today!

Looks like this election is even again! John Kerry has pulled ahead by 1% in the latest Harris Interactive poll amongst "likely voters".

Of course, "likely voters" don't win the election. Actual voters do. And turnout is going to be incredible for this upcoming presidential election.

Did you know that Bush led Gore by 5% amongst "likely voters" in the days before the presidential election of 2000, and still pulled ahead in the popular vote? The Unlikely Voters came within a thousand votes of winning the 2000 election for Gore, and the Unlikely Voters will decide who wins this upcoming election.

Some of you are Unlikely Voters. You may not want to admit it to others or even yourself, but you haven't registered... or maybe you have registered in the past, but don't know what your status is. Congratulations. You're an Unlikely Voter, and you'll get to pick who the next president will be. All you have to do is...


Click the link above and you'll get all the information you need to register to vote in the upcoming presidential election. Also, please feel free to leave a comment (anonymous or not) , or ask any questions you might have about registering or voting in the upcoming election... I will try to answer them. You may even get a large round of applause from all of us likely voters!

(And yes, please feel free to link to or copy this post in your journal. The more Unlikely Voters, the merrier!)

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