Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Update on the Cayman Islands.

Disconcerting post from hammockgal, who was back in the States away from her family who live on the Cayman Islands when Hurricane Ivan hit.

"There's one fellow who has a site assessing building damage. I'm somewhat certain of his accuracy, since I've heard some of these previously. Similarly, there are reports on this site too.

South Church Street is simply *gone*. It's difficult to grasp. It's barely been three weeks since I had lunch at a restaurant on the beach side of that area. And now even the street itself is gone. Grand Old House, Naked Fish, the condos, the houses, the gas reserve....perhaps some of that facility is still in tack, but the impression I'm getting is that nothing that was there exists now. Also, Ocean Club apartments are gone. And that's relatively close to my residential area, although it is on the sea side, and my house is farther inland. Or at least was, I just don't know.

I still haven't located my family, and neither has Kris. I'm still holding out for the best, and I'm trying to help her feel optimistic too."

Let's hope she's able to get in touch with her family soon.

**Update: She got in touch with her uncle in Cayman Islands. Her family is ok!**

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