Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Not again. Miami, here we come?!

Meet Ivan. Apparently, Ivan is expected to gain strength, reaching up to 150 MPH before hitting Haiti. The experts hope that it will lose strength between there and Southern Florida. Let's hope, because the course as projected has it heading straight for Miami harbor. If things don't change, this storm has the potential of looking something like the Great Miami Hurricane of 1926, which killed hundreds and did approximately $90 billion in damage, adjusted for inflation.

Three major hurricanes hitting Florida in one year? Incredibly, incredibly unlikely. Hasn't happened in recent times. There's gotta be an explanation... but fortunately our government doesn't believe in global warming. Rest safely.

(Then again, these are the same people who would've made tobacco a food group if they could have, and said ketchup was a vegetable.)

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