Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

I'd tell you about my day yesterday...

...but then you'd have to shoot me.

I took Iceblink out for a special treat that I've never given either her or myself... a whirlpool bath and an hourlong massage!

I always thought that an hourlong massage would be too long and that I would get bored... oh, how wrong I was! Obviously, I had a lot of stress to burn. (Stop stressing me out, LJ! ) I'd go into detail on just how nice it was, but I'll leave that for Icy's next post...

After the massage, we picked up some kriek, nice cheeses, etc., went home, and got very cozy! Woot! An alltogether excellent way of dealing with the stressful holiday season...

Christmas will obviously suck, by comparison. ;-)

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