Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Bush flip-flops on 527 ads.

On the March 5, 2000, edition of CBS's Face the Nation, Bush said of the 527 groups that were running ads attacking his Republican primary opponent, Senator John McCain (R-AZ):

"That's what freedom of speech is all about. ... People have the right to run ads. They have the right to do what they want to do, under the -- under the First Amendment in America."

From the March 5, 2000, edition of CBS's Face the Nation:

"There are people spending ads that say nice things about me. There are people spending money on ads that say ugly things about me . . . That's part of the American process. There have been ads, independent expenditures, that are saying bad things about me. I don't particularly care when they do, but that's what freedom of speech is all about."</i>

...which, incidentally, is precisely why the Republicans and Democrats chose to protect 527 ads in the campaign finance laws.

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