Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Israeli spy loose in the Department of Defense

CBS News has learned that the FBI is about to arrest a high-level Israeli spy working in the highest levels of the Pentagon. (Watch CBS' video.) This spy both passed on highly classified information and influenced the highest-level decisions relating to Iran and possibly Iraq. Most damningly, last year, the spy turned over a presidential directive outlining our nation's policy to Iran when it was still in the draft phase, thereby allowing Israel to influence the outcome. There are also indications that the spy may have done similar things to leak and influence U.S. policy in Iraq.
Apparently, this information was given to members of AIPAC -- Israel's major lobbyist organization in the US -- who turned them over to the Israeli government.

I hear that the spy works directly under Douglas Feith, the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy. This shouldn't surprise anyone, however.

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