Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

...and featuring Alan Greenspan as the Grim Reaper!

Alan Greenspan used his Federal Reserve pulpit today to preach the wonders of scaling back medicare and social security benefits, saying that the economy -- such as Bush and he left it -- may not be able to support medicare and social security in the future.

Nevermind that Greenspan pushed for both Reagan's *AND* Bush's regressive tax cuts that left this country horribly in debt, without once suggesting -- as any good economist would -- that both tax cuts were very poorly designed as far as stimulating economic growth.

Nobody wants to talk about Greenspan's toadying behavior and inconsistant and often contradictory economic advice he's given this country for years. He is only still around because he's become a fossilized establishment; the ultimate yes man and a shill for all seasons.

If he wants to cut costs, then the first, most obvious thing to do would be to nationalize health care. Give us the same health care plan as him, and do something to control the runaway cost of medical treatment, while guaranteeing that the savings are passed on to patients, not corporate executives.

And if he still wants to cut medical benefits for old people -- a move which will most assuredly kill thousands of people a year -- then perhaps we should consider quality of life and cost/benefit issues and start cutting benefits/killing people who are older and have passed the age where they are more of a burden on society than a benefit, requiring more expensive care.

How about drawing the line at those who are, say, 78 or older?! That sounds like a nice round number to me...

You first, Alan.

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