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Big nasty hairy dealie...

Looks like my employer and my contract agency are really fighting it out... over me. Tollbridge wants to hire me on permanent after only about a month, while the scumsucking leach contract agency wants to make them pay out the nose to "buy" me. You'd think that they'd be happy enough pocketing $20ish an hour for my hard work and getting 20% of my entire salary for the next 4-5 months to "sell" me, right? Apparently not... they want closer to 40%, non-negotiable.

The next time I hear someone say non-negotiable, I'm swear I'm going ballistic! In business, Everything is negotiable. (Even ethics, unfortunately.) Any amount of mercenary behaviour that I have displayed over the last year or so to get to where I am today is dwarfed by this agency... Threats are flying back and forth, but I'm pretty sure my job is safe.

It feels like a slave auction... except that I'm getting paid hefty wages while I'm on the auction block. Anyone want to check out my teeth, while we're at it?!

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