Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Return of the annoying LJ crush meme.

The newest incarnation of the LJ Crush meme is spreading all around LiveJournal right now. I would link to it, but -- as you may have noticed -- I can be pretty disparaging about such things. The last quiz I posted was not really a quiz at all and was strictly a matter of satire, as I was tired with people cramming up my friends list with junk. The satire is perhaps lost nowadays, as nowadays you can find out what kind of sex toy, whore, or porn star you are most akin to, but trust me, posting too many quizzes is *STILL* irritating.

Last time someone did an LJ Crush site, they wanted $4 to tell people who their crushes were. I thought this was evil, so I asked people in my journal to stop using such things and just tell me if they had a crush on me. Never once did I think that it would find me someone incredibly special who I have incredible times and an amazing connection with.

That said, I owe a wonderful relationship to the LJ Crush meme... or at least to my stubborn unwillingness to participate in it. This makes me the only person I know who can say that one of these crush sites actually worked for them -- and even then, they only work if you steadfastly refuse to use them.

This new LJ Crush meme says that I have 22 people with crushes on me. It lies, I swear! Besides, I am completely in love, my time is happily occupied with two relationships, I still need my geektime, my gardening time, my time with friends... really, I wouldn't know what to do with 22 people. (Well, to be honest, that's not entirely true, but it wouldn't qualify as a relationship. I'll happily defer for now, thanks.)

That isn't to say that I've gotten boring and don't crave excitement, adventures, and decadence... I still do at times. It's just that most of the time, I don't think beyond what I do have, because I'm very happy and it's really quite good. I would rather stand solid on the cutting edge of relationships than wobble disconcertingly on the bleeding edge.

... and my advice for those who want to know which people out there are really interested in you?! Ask! 'Cause you never know until you do.

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