Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The Bastard is aliiiive! He's aliiiive!!!

I was bored today at my current job, which has been entirely too cushy and laid back... so I resorted to old habits from IT days and started looking for the only true solution to the nihilist angst and rage that comes from a highly technical lifestyle... Drugs? Sex? Sushi?!! No... the ultimate solution for this societal ailment is, of course, the Bastard Operator from Hell. (BOFH).

For those unfamiliar, the BOFH is written by Simon Travaglia, a Kiwi IT god who has been writing his malicious stories for several centuries (in Internet time). His creation, the BOFH, is a shining example of the ultimate evolution of a sysadmin into a malicious, networked killing machine. Simon has a website, which contains many of his old BOFH stories... he has traditionally been published by IT websites in the UK. After Networking Week, a magazine he was writing for, folded, there was no sign that there would be new BOFH stories again, but the BOFH has found a new home again for new BOFH stories and even BOFH merchandise! My money is currently maxxed, to be wasted out in the middle of a desert in Northern Nevada, but this comes a close second.

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