Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Of veiled threats.

This is scary.

No, not that there have been unsubstantiated "terror warnings" in New York and Washington, but that politicians who are speaking at the upcoming Republican convention, such as Pataki and Bloomberg, are trying to make political hay on the verge of the convention, and are willing to use this "terrorist threat" to milk our fears all the way to the White House. They're acting as if vague terrorist threats are something new, and parading around for public opinion as if this were the Reichstag fire.

Neither we nor our elected officials have any way whatsoever to know whether this supposed threat is valid, or, indeed, whether N.Y.C. is in any more danger now than it has ever been. I'm not saying that Americans shouldn't be mindful of the risk of terrorism, but these bastards want us to be fearful and turn to them for comfort, as if they're somehow being anything other than manipulative by doing what they're doing.

I can tell you now with some degree of certainty that in the event of a terrorist act in NYC, George Pataki and Michael Bloomberg aren't going to save your life. If they really wanted to, maybe they'd find a way to check the 97% of cargo containers that arrive every day in NYC that are never inspected by customs officials.

Pataki and Bloomberg aren't leaders, because leaders take the initiative and do something to protect their people. They aren't celebrities either, although they fight for their time behind the cameras. No, they're vultures, and they are feeding off the dead of 9/11. 'Nuff said.

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