Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Reasons for guarded optimism.

A post-convention Newsweek poll puts Kerry at 49%, Bush at 42%, and Nader at 3%. Not bad for a very polarized race.

**Update!: Turns out that Newsweek screwed up their post-convention poll's methodology by starting it before Kerry gave his speech. Prior to his speech, the poll was running 47-44% in favor of Kerry... after the speech, polls were running 50%-40%! ***

Bush's popularity is still dropping, and for the first time, not only does Kerry have an edge in the polls, but a slim majority of Americans believe he will win the next election.

Can Kerry win? Of course he can. But for people to actually believe that he can makes a real difference in the race. Looks like it's time for Democrats to believe again...

Meanwhile, Fahrenheit 9/11 has reached about $108 million at the box office domestically, and should wind up somewhere around $130 million by the time it goes to DVD. This will mean that approximately 25 million Americans will have seen the movie prior to the election. Possibly more. The GOP are concerned that this will translate into several million votes for Kerry on Election Day. They should be, too.

Oh, and it looks like it's not just Ron Reagan, Jr. who isn't supporting Bush in this election. It's Nancy Reagan, too. She has refused to attend the Republican convention, with her spokesman saying that she doesn't support President Bush's reelection. In fact, she's trying to force the Republicans to not so much as mention Reagan during the convention or in their advertisments. Ouch.

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