Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

More on the abuse of Iraqi children in prisons.

Save the Children has called on the Danish government to mediate with coalition forces in Iraq to release children detained in Iraqi jails.

Meanwhile, another article was released today, detailing information from UNICEF, the Red Cross, and Amnesty International on the imprisonment of Iraqi children.

These are serious allegations, which are apparently documented in a confidential Red Cross report. Congress, upon finding out, pressed the Pentagon for answers, some of which will be given tomorrow in a congressional briefing. Unfortunately, this briefing will be closed to the public, and the information revealed by the Defense Department will not be made available to the public.

Not that they really wanted to give the details to Congress anyway...

"It's something of a stretch of policy and procedures to give them to the Congress," said Larry Di Rita, chief spokesman for Donald Rumsfeld.

Isn't it *great* to know that the Defense Department thinks "it's a stretch of policy" for Congress to know how our country treats prisoners of war... and that they believe we, as citizens, shouldn't know anything about it at all?

So, who here believes that they should be kept ignorant and uninformed for the common good?!

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