Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

In the great spirit of bipartisan politics...

Congrats, Dubya... you said your first really dumb thing since winning the election... and you're not even the president of the United States White House yet.

Regarding his $1,300,000,000,000 proposed tax cut, Georgie-boy told Time Magazine:
``Well, I'm not prepared to compromise,''...``I think it's the right size.''

Yeah, the right size for a Texan, maybe. With this economy, it's a lot like giving a patient who just suffered a heart attack a 3 pound porterhouse steak with all the fixings.

Bush also acknowledged there ``may be moments'' of compromise in order to find common ground with an evenly split Senate and a closely divided House of Representatives.

In other words, in the great spirit of bipartisan politics, he's going to try to hold this country hostage until he gets what he (and his billionaire boys club supporters) want. Pretty big words for someone who was neither elected with the majority of the vote or... for that matter... really elected into office at all.

John Stewart of the Daily Show said two very wise words regarding the Bush (p)residency...

Horde gold.

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