Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Free movies == good!

It's wonderful to see the sudden upsurge in outdoor free cinema in the South Bay... just bring your own lawnchair, and embrace the oddness!

For instance, there is the Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In, every 2nd Friday during the summer. They have some interesting films coming up, including Kiki's Delivery Service, Rushmore, and Run Lola Run... and there's also Cinema San Pedro in downtown San Jose, which will have The Meaning of Life this Wednesday... they're going to have The Birds, The Thin Man, and Supercop soon, which should all be a lot of fun!

...and need I mention the word FREE again?! Throw in the $1.50 Tuesday nights at the Milpitas Cinelux Cinema Saver, and you can get your fix for new releases on the cheap too.

So... anyone want to get a group together for any of these movies, possibly followed by hot tubbing at our place? I'm going to The Meaning of Life on Wednesday, and intend to bring some wafer-thin mints.

Now if only I had a large bag full of Bertie Bott's vomit flavored jellybeans...

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