Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Korean execution video hits the internet, feeds the firestorm.

South Korean government bans Kim Sun-Il execution video. Activates government emergency internet monitoring system. Orders web sites and ISPs to comply. "Web sites that fail to follow through the instructions will be subject to shut-down or police investigation". Several South Korean web sites have already been shut down, while other sites, such as Yahoo! Korea, are assisting the government by blocking and censoring their user's email. Meanwhile, a general strike, massive antiwar protests, and a refusal by airline unions may prevent the deployment and supply of 3,000 South Korean soldiers to Iraq, and threaten the rule of the current South Korean government.
Numerous U.S. websites are being blocked, and one of the sites,, is under attack from hackers for carrying the execution video. (warning: tragic and traumatic. Windows Media.)

Despite the content, this is essentially a free speech issue, as far as I'm concerned. The free and unrestricted exchange of ideas and information is something that we should all support, unless you like having governments monitor your internet usage, block your email, and tell you what you can and cannot see. Information still wants to be free and censorship is still a deplorable act. Let the mirroring commence.

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