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dreams of dystopia..

Looks like I'm supposed to create all sorts of documentation by a date in the not-too-distant future... but I just want to crash on the bed, watch the director's cut of Blade Runner, and see how many band's samples I can pick out. I need eye candy and a nice bleak future I can appreciate.

Not that we don't have a bleak future with Bush, but it's harder to appreciate. Not as dark and pretty looking. Mediocrity and ignorance are about the ugliest things in the world. It's a shame, really... I'd like to say hate is, but you have to appreciate the trappings of hate. People who hate have cooler uniforms and are generally more interesting... from a good, long distance away.

America has too many poorly organized right wing militia groups... anyone want to form a left-wing paramilitary organization? We can get some really cool, intimidating uniforms, stomp around in full regalia, and patrol areas where Republicans are likely to frequent, such as stock exchanges, NRA conventions, etc. We'll gang up on unsuspecting corporate lawyers, tie dye their business shirts, and tickle 'em to death! ;)

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