Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Sadr's supporters still have teeth.

In an article that first came out four days ago, Najaf's chief of police, Galib al-Jazany, said the following about Sadr's supporters in that town:

"We gave them a three-day warning that ends Monday night. If they do not gather their weapons and leave, I will gather 100 policemen and if they don't respond, I will slaughter them."

Which goes a long way to explaining why Sadr's supporters overwhelmed an Iraqi police station in Najaf Thursday, killing and wounding numerous policemen, looting the place, and burning the police cars.

Are the Iraqi police useless or what? They sound like a bunch of Barney Fife clones, only with mustaches.

The attack appears to have been Muqtada Sadr's way of saying "who's your daddy..."

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