Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Bush gets raked over the polls.

A whole series of polls have come out indicating that Bush is slipping fast, not only in head-to-head polls against Kerry, but also in how he is viewed on practically every major issue... even terrorism.

To complicate matters for Bush even further, there is a poll out today that indicates that if Kerry chooses Edwards as a running mate, North Carolina will become a toss-up state.

In response to concerns that growing antiwar attitudes could help Bush by increasing support for Nader, Kerry is meeting with Nader today, discussing possible ways to work together to defeat Bush. It will be interesting to see what comes of this. I suspect that the most likely outcome is that Kerry will attempt to formulate a clear "exit strategy" for getting out of Iraq which strikes a balance between the quick withdrawl that Nader and Kucinich would like with one that can also be seen as a victory of sorts, both for our soldiers and for the Iraqi people. If Kerry can formulate a good exit strategy, then he will have an easier time appeasing both the left of his party *AND* undecided voters come election time.

In today's news from Iraq, a U.S. helicopter in western Iraq has apparently fired on a wedding party, killing over 40 Iraqis. Graphic video of dead Iraqis at the scene was taken by Al-Arabiya TV, and is now in the hands of Associated Press.


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