Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Shit can roll uphill too.

A military intelligence officer has come forward, claiming that the Army is covering up Abu Ghraib abuses, and that the sexual humiliation of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison began as a technique ordered by military intelligence interrogators.

He told all of this to Maj. Gen. George Fay, the Army's deputy chief of staff for intelligence, but the general seemed interested only in what he had to say about military police involvement, not about the involvement of military intelligence interrogators. The general also appeared to discourage the officer from testifying.

This is pretty damning behavior for Maj. Gen. Fay, considering that Gen. Myers testified before Congress that Fay was "asked to look at the military intelligence piece of (the abuse scandal) to see if there was undue influence on the military police and to see how they were doing their job."

If I wanted to get really conspiratorial, I could point out that General Fay is a major donor to the Republican Party, both personally and through The Chubb Group, in which he is a managing director and executive vice president. Rumsfeld should know who Fay is... after all, he's General Alexander's second-in-command, and Alexander, in his role of head of Army Intelligence, should be reporting to Rummy on a regular basis... if not personally, then through, say, his second-in-command. If that weren't enough, however, it was Rumsfeld who announced Fay's promotion to Major General -- a nomination made by George W. Bush.

Fay's investigation into -- and apparent apologia for -- military intelligence abuses at Abu Ghraib was authorized just five days before 60 Minutes II revealed the story to the public. Could Fay's investigation have been ordered specifically to protect military intelligence from being damaged by the Abu Ghraib revelations?

It seems quite likely that Fay -- or General Alexander himself -- are amongst those in the chain of command that Donald Rumsfeld couldn't recall when Senator John McCain asked during Rumsfeld's testimony before Congress.

"What kind of person would order people to abuse prisoners," you might ask?!

Hint: It's probably the one shaking hands with the person who gave orders to abuse prisoners.

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