Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Save Rumsfeld!

The Economist is calling for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation, a bold move for such a magazine.

Personally, I'm torn. Donald Rumsfeld's resignation would probably save U.S. lives in Iraq in the shortterm, in that his ineptitude has cost many U.S. servicemen to lose their lives. Remember when Donald said our troops would be greeted with flowers? Or that we'd be out in months? Or when he knew where the WMD's were around Baghdad? Or when he argued against his general's advice before the war and brought too few troops to prevent Iraq from being looted? Or when he cut off pensions for the Iraqi army and forced them into the arms of the Saddam loyalists? Ah, the memories....

That said, if Donald Rumsfeld stays around, it might result in the death of more U.S. troops in the near-term, but it almost certainly will result in the death of Bush's re-election hopes in November, followed by a much quicker end to the conflict in Iraq. You can't fly high with an anchor around your neck...

The Kerry campaign has already talked about using ads to target Cheney and link him with Bush as a way of damaging Bush's favorable ratings... why? Because Cheney is scary. Well, thanks to the past week or so, Rumsfeld is now officially scarier.

Ultimately, I think Rumsfeld will have to go, just because the negatives of having him around will be so overwhelming that Bush won't have any choice. That said, the more Rummy sticks around, the worse off Bush will be come election time. Do we really want to risk seeing Bush's ratings skyrocket because he had to replace a three-year non-combat flyboy like Rummy with a seasoned general and skilled leader like Colin Powell?! No way!

So, my advice to Bush is to "stay the course". Don't be flexible. Don't pay attention to critics. Stay stubborn. Kiss up to the radicals in your own party. Stay firmly entrenched in dogma. Make more empty promises... and, above all, don't get rid of Donald Rumsfeld.

Don't worry. We'll do it for you when the time comes.

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