Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Disney CEO blocks distribution of new Michael Moore film.

Disney CEO Michael Eisner's decision to block the distribution of Michael Moore's new movie has turned what should've been a slam-dunk, profitable business venture into an ugly example of Disney censorship and corporate politics.

Now, instead of just alienating those who believe in more lenient copyright laws, classic animation, and consumer-friendly digital rights, Michael Eisner (and, as a result, Disney) has alienated numerous free speech organizations, and even prominent Democratic organizations, who are calling for people to Boycott Disney.

And rightfully so, I might add. It's definitely time to Save Disney by dumping Eisner. His ineptitude and ego has cost Disney its legacy as the world's leading producer of quality animation. It has also destroyed Disney's creative and overwhelmingly successful partnership with Pixar -- arguably the most successful film partnership of the last 50 years.

I have an interview on the upcoming King Arthur movie distributed by Disney / Touchstone Pictures in my journal that gets a lot of traffic from fan sites, so I've appended a little message to the beginning of the interview, just to make my views clear on this matter...

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