Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Either Bush lied bigtime to the Arab media... or he is a mushroom.

I read the transcripts of Bush's television interview with Alhurra... and Bush said something that completely floored me.

QUESTION: When did you learn about the -- did you see the pictures on TV? When was the first time you heard about the...

BUSH: Yes. First time I saw or heard about pictures was on TV....

Now wait a gawd-dayum minute! CBS was given the pictures of the abuse in Abu Ghraib, but sat on them for two weeks after they "received an appeal from the Defense Department, and eventually from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Richard Myers, to delay this broadcast -- given the danger and tension on the ground in Iraq," right?

So, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff knew CBS had the pictures... and obviously General Kimmitt -- who was interviewed for the broadcast and commented directly on the photographs -- knew they had the pictures. And I can only assume that Myers or Kimmitt must've let Donald Rumsfeld know about the pictures...

... but somehow nobody told the president about the pictures until he saw them ON TELEVISION??!! That must've been an interesting viewing experience.

"Uh, George... there's something on television we think you should see. Yes, I know the Rangers are playing Kansas City, but we'll record it for you, ok??! It's on CBS.... yes, CBS. You don't know CBS?! Well, do you remember which channel you watch Survivor on...? You do?! Good. Try that one. Oh, and don't blame me, blame Don."

So, it's safe to say that he's either a really, Really, REALLY bad liar, or else he's monumentally ignorant and about a dozen heads should roll for keeping our fearless leader in the dark... right?!

Just like they did with Congress too?!

Plausible deniability, anyone?

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