Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The heroes of Abu Ghraib.

Looks like the entire report of Maj. Gen. Antonio M. Taguba is now online. It features a section at the end of the report that I wanted to specifically point out:

"Throughout the investigation .... we discovered numerous examples of Soldiers and Sailors taking the initiative in the absence of leadership and accomplishing their assigned tasks .... The individual Soldiers and Sailors that we observed and believe should be favorably noted include:

- Master-at-Arms First Class William J. Kimbro, US Navy Dog Handler, knew his duties and refused to participate in improper interrogations despite significant pressure from the MI personnel at Abu Ghraib.

- SPC Joseph M. Darby, 372nd MP Company discovered evidence of abuse and turned it over to military law enforcement.

- 1LT David O. Sutton, 229th MP Company, took immediate action and stopped an abuse, then reported the incident to the chain of command."

It goes to show you that heroes are ordinary people who do the right thing under exceptional circumstances. There are a lot of unsung heroes out there. Today, I just wanted to take the time to honor a few.

If you believe that they did the right thing and that they deserve to be seen as heroes, you may want to take a moment of your time to say thanks too.

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