Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Once more, I ask... is it too late for the Coalition in Iraq?

Apparently, the approximately 3500 Iraqis who took part in the largest poll in their country to date seems to indicate that it is.

75% of Baghdad residents, 65% of Sunnis, and 61% of Shi'ites think that Coalition forces should leave immediately.

81% of Baghdad residents, 67% of Sunnis, and 61% of Shi'ites think that US forces have conducted themselves in an either very or fairly bad manner.

88% of Baghdad residents, 85% of Sunnis, and 70% of Shi'ites think that they'd be in danger if they cooperated with the CPA.

67% of Baghdad residents, 57% of Sunnis, and 55% of Shi'ites said that attacks against US forces in Iraq are either sometimes, somewhat, or completely justified.

Not promising. That said, there are a lot of unpromising things that are still possible to do... albeit at a very high cost.

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