Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Yes, that's me... the XML noodge to the stars!

A few months back, when Margaret Cho's weblog first went online, I sent an email to them, suggesting that it really should work somewhat like a weblog rather than a handcoded monstrosity... it needed permalinks and an RSS feed... badly. Her manager/webmistress/Jillofalltrades seemed a bit put out by the suggestion, at the time... probably because she -- although excellent at managing Ms. Cho's career -- is only a middling web designer with little experience in such things. Nobody's perfect.

Well, today I got an email back from Ms. Cho's new webmaster, letting me know that Ms. Cho's blog now has an XML feed. I've set it up on LJ over at margaretchoblog, for those who are interested. Knock yourself out.

(Insert obligatory comment about waarshing vaginas and people who screen their calls...)

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