Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

On war and weblogs.

I was extremely pleased to see two new posts on . I loved his discussion with Riverbend and his tragicomic observation on the bizarrely wired nature of this war.

"Awhile back i actually saw a young troop on cnn who had started blogging from iraq...he got half a million hits the first day...he was pro war and he wanted to point out all the good that is happening in iraq...then he was wounded by a I.E.D....irony isn't a strong enough word..."

I'll go on record now and say that victory and defeat in future wars will be decided not by force of arms, but by webloggers. Their public conversations will make or break political careers, exalting some above all others, while triggering massive whuffie crashes and ignominious defeat for others, along with the death of their non-hoopy memes.

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