Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

auugh... sucky streaming!

Listening to Al Franken on Air America Radio this morning, and it's really funny. That said, the streaming is really sucking for me, and is no doubt overloaded. I'm having to repeatedly connect because it keeps dropping me... you'd think it would at least stop for awhile and buffer instead.

I checked the URL to see who is hosting the audio feed, and the link goes to:
this site at, RealNetwork's site for managed content hosting. So... If Real can't reliably stream high-demand content over the Internet using their player, what chance do we have?

Hm... I wonder whether a streaming audio application can be built upon software like BitTorrent?

**UPDATE - chuckdarwin pointed me to the streaming audio of the broadcast on KPOJ AM 620 in Portland. I will have to check to see whether any of the other stations have their own streaming in place too, as it might spread the burden around a bit...**

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