Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

A filtered view of all my filters...

I have a buttload of spam. As a result, I use a buttload of filters... over 350, infact.

I am looking at a better solution for my email and welcome any suggestions... I've been thinking of one of those challenge/response systems. Until that time, however, I have my homebrewed filters. I thought some of the filters I made might be kind of interesting to mention, however, if only from a sociological standpoint.

Things you can say in emails (usually the subject line) that might get you ignored:
Viagra, for adults, you can't afford, exciting business, mortgage, do me now, cash, credit, bikini, drugs, health, adults, moneymaker, life insurance, like no other, anal, fuck, interest rates, sex drive, financial freedom, efficiency, horny, sinful, hardcore, be your own boss, home loan, hot product, farm, porn, job security, domain names, invest in, for pennies, made easy, fault tolerance, 100% natural, inkjet cartridges, marketing revolution...

You see, real people just don't talk like that.

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