Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Finally, someone crunched the numbers...

Ever since the first few days after the Presidential Election, I have been telling people that statistically, it was highly unlikely that Bush won the election in Florida. Well, now we have a statistical analysis that the Miami Herald commissioned. The results? Well, read the article, see how the study was done, or just read the stats below.

I know that a lot of people are very frustrated and tired with the whole thing and think that it would be better to have Bush be President than to drag this whole thing on any longer. I'm tired of it too... but the point of the whole matter is that the vote was inconclusive and too close to call. The only way that this election will ever be resolved is a count of the votes, ideally the votes of the entire state. This issue is bigger than Florida. All the state's votes should be counted... ballots that show the clear intention of the voter should be counted. For those who argue against handcounts, keep in mind that even the worst handcount would have a better accuracy rate than the 5-11% failure rate we've seen in some places.

Some decisions are really too important to be decided by the kind of bullsh*t factors we have seen so far. The Republicans tried all sorts of behind-the-scenes methods to prevent and delay recounts from the beginning to run out the clock in Florida. Kathleen Harris (Bush's co-chair in Florida) helped to delay a legally requested manual recount process, then had the nerve to say "Time's up!" and give Bush Florida's electoral votes... the Republican leaders in Florida are conspiring to foist a bunch of phony, self-appointed electors on the people of that state, and, again, the Bush forces are trying to run out the clock so that no recount can take place before the Electoral College votes.

All this leads me to wonder whether this is a presidential election or a shotgun wedding...

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