Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Do I sense a theme here?

hopeforyou dropped by today for a bit of decompressing and conversation... and, of course, exposure to some really twisted websites.

**WARNING!** You are entering a genital cringing zone. Links are not work safe or, for that matter, meal safe.

Last time she dropped by, she got to see the pictures of elephantiasis. (Kinda like being surgically attached to a hippity hop, isn't it?!)

This time around, she got to see pictures from the Atlas of Congentital Anomalies of the External Genitalia. (Arguably the world's most disturbing coffee table book.)

We also had a short detour into the world of food colorings. We found out about monascus purpureus, the friendly little red rice mold that's in your strawberry yogurt, and also about tartrazine, a potentially dangerous dye made from coal tar that's in your chicken tikka.

Wishing great big bouncing bloody red testicles to you and your loved ones...

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