Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

I got a very cool email today...

Last week, I heard the sad, unfortunate news that Dave Blood, the bassist for the Dead Milkmen, committed suicide. I wrote up my recollections (part 1, part 2) in a thread on MetaFilter, where I was surprised to find so many others shared such warm feelings about the band and their music.

Today, I was surprised to receive this email from Dean, the drummer for the Dead Milkmen.

This is Dean from the Dead Milkmen. I was reading the thread on Mefi regarding Dave's suicide and saw your post about the Gavin convention way back when, and had to laugh for several reasons. (Laughing at a time like this is a good thing - Dave would too)

We were at that convention as well, and we were somehow invited to one of the big industry parties. They didn't know what they were in for. We made a loop around the room and tried to spot as many "stars" as we could. We met some nice folks like Victor and Gordon from the Violent Femmes, and I remember Dave enjoyed talking with Bob Mould. We got to see the hilarious triumverate of Gene Simmons, Alice Cooper, and Barry Manalow all talking together (I think it was Barry...). Weird - I guess they're all Jewish?

And Tiffany.

On this particular tour Rodney had taken to carrying around pockets full of rubber worms. Rod and our roadie Matt where cruising around and walked up to Tiff and her security guards. Rodney reached out to shake her hand. She did and was horrified to feel a handful of worms. She shrieked and Rod and Matt took off before the guards could do anything. Later that night, the guests might have found a rubber worms in the sour cream dip or the fruit punch....

The other thing you mentioned is the Andy Partridge interview. I'm a huge Andy and XTC fan and it was thrilling in a silly way to know he uttered our band name. It would have been fun to meet him and hang out at the convention.

Anyway - the post brought back memories. Thanks.

-- Dean


So, how cool is that? What a great band. It's hard not to appreciate the simple happiness of driving with friends, singing "Punk Rock Girl" together. We'll miss you Dave...

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