Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

In the realm of the unknown eggplant.

One of my strengths and weaknesses is that I can be quite rationally minded at times... which probably goes a long way to explain why I cultivate eccentric, creative friends in my seemingly eternal search for balance.

That's why as much as I feel bad for her, I appreciated the cognitive dissonance of dragon_spirit's new aubergine allergy. You see, she dreamt of being alergic to eggplants (as well as her known allergy to shrimp) before she ever manifested any outward symptoms, which means that either her subconscious knew (or predicted) the allergy before she did, or her mind actually made her allergic to eggplants.

To me -- someone who fervently strives to be agnostic and never be entirely certain of anything -- dragon_spirit's eggplant prediction creates a mythology all of its own. For her, the eggplant must now be a kind of holy grail; a riddle that can only be answered at great physical risk, or on the verge of death.

Is the spirit of the eggplant happy and benevolent?

...or meanspirited and malevolent?

Sexy and sassy?

...or dark and mysterious?

I mourn for her loss of the eggplant from her diet, as I'm one of those who can appreciate a well-made dish with aubergines. Eggplant detractors are right, in that eggplants which are improperly cooked can be either bitter, slimy, or both. That said, properly prepared eggplant is a beauty to behold.

Last night I ate eggplant in her honor, and in honor of the great mystery of the eggplant. It was good.

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