Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

An investment in poetry.

This is an idea that developed out of the definition for the word cherish. I just started running with it, because it seemed to fit. It's a fun little jot that reminds me of something from the 1930s... written by a F2M Dorothy Parker on Prozac, perhaps.

I've always been a sucker for the 1930's...

The Banker's Love Poem
by Mark Kraft

Cherish is a word that I hear
means to treat with affection, hold dear,
but if I give of myself all you're due,
am I placing a value on you?

Is it like an investment of sorts?
( not legally binding in courts.)
If I give until you're in my debt
do I wager on a sucker's bet?

It can't really be seen as a loan
for if you default, I don't own.
My mind must be on a sabbatical
to give with no form of collateral.

I can't remit a bill to reclaim
nor can I soley depend on good name,
for you've surely defaulted before
and your credit is middling to poor.

To diversify would be most wise
despite protestations and sighs,
though I fear that my business could tank
should there be a run back at the bank.

I cannot profit if you are a moocher,
so I ask of you, think of the future!
If my feelings you ask me invest,
I should surely expect some interest.

It's a blessing, perhaps, that my love
rains down like small change from above.
Though the accountant in me surely squirms,
I'll grant payments on flexible terms.

Your money is not needed here.
Your heart, priceless, is what I hold dear.
Give to me what you will when you can
for I am not a spreadsheet but a man.

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