Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Stigmata Martyr?

Just read the New Yorker's review of Mel Gibson's Passion.

"...a sickening death trip, a grimly unilluminating procession of treachery, beatings, blood, and agony." Ouch indeed. Even God hates bad films.

You know how Last Temptation of Christ made you want Jesus to choose to die on the cross? Sounds like Passion makes you want to root for his death.

Boring, listless, uninspiring savior-on-a-stick, being tortured to death with none of his message, and all of the stigmata. I'm sorry, but... die already, 'k?! The idea of Xtian fundies paying their $8.50, buying popcorn and coke, then watching Jesus get flogged and logged is beyond satire.

I'm half-tempted to get a crowd of people together to get obnoxiously drunk before the movie, dress in devilish clothing (or Santa suits!) and shout out lines at the screen or chant "Die! Die! Die!" at appropriate times. My only reservations are that I'm generally polite and wouldn't want to pay the $8.50 to encourage the success of this movie.

Jesus Horror Picture Show.

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