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New userpic

I wanted a userpic that wasn't me being "Mr. dark & evil". There's a cute story as to why I took the new userpic, but it will have to wait for another day, circumstances permitting.

I snapped it with the phonecam in front of my computer room's one remaining working lightbulb, with no effects whatsoever. (Must get more lightbulbs!) Unusual lighting does funny things -- my hair seems to have highlights that I only occasionally notice.

I can't swear to the picture being reality, but since when have pictures ever been about reality? Besides, often realistic pictures reveal less than surreal ones. I think the picture is kind of otherworldly and apprehensively positive. An uncertain smile, but a smile nonetheless.

As long as we can all agree that I'm still goth as f*ck, ok?! ;-)

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