Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Phone Post:

227K 0:59
“Okay, I'm here in the hot tub, and you can't really hear it, we'll see whether I can - [splashing] - hear the splashing? That's the hot tub. I don't have the jets on full... maybe you can hear the jets. Probably not, doesn't come through very well. I'm here with Kirsten, and we're hanging out by the hot tub. She's not feeling very well today, but, um, she's getting better I think... say something, Kirsten... <i>Hi</i> yeah, she's recovering, she had some sort of a bug or something... mmm, hopefully she'll be better soon, hopefully I won't get sick soon, aaaand really that's all I have to say.

It's just such a Californian thing I figured I would make the first LJ post from a hot tub, because it just seemed appropriate, so, talk to you later... Bye.”

Transcribed by: roshi

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