Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Bush: Flying high, falling fast.

A document has come to light that George Bush was suspended from flying during his stint in the National Guard because he was AWOL from his annual physical in 1972.
It's also worth noting that 1972 was the year when they began random drug testing...

A candidate Kerry running against Bush would be in an excellent position to capitalize on this, wouldn't he?!

Meanwhile, Bush's popularity is still slipping; down to 47%, according to a new AP poll -- the same approval rating as his father had at this point before the election.

Dubya is no Bush Sr. when it comes to matters of trustworthiness. That is his biggest weakness, I suspect. Far more people thought that Bush Sr. was ineffectual rather than untrustworthy. Dubya, however, comes off as both ineffectual AND untrustworthy.

It should be noted that Clinton didn't win against Bush Sr. based on trustworthiness, and when it comes to trust, Clinton is no match to the current Democratic candidates. Clinton had Jennifer Flowers and a drug history he was evasive about , and he was even accused of being a Soviet spy. Kerry and Edwards though? A war hero and a boy scout. Really, they look like Batman and Robin.

Bush will look lousy trying to smear them directly, and will look even worse running a campaign based on his accomplishments. That leaves experience, trust, and, of course, FUD. Bush will go the FUD route, I suspect.

One thing that occurred to me today -- people will be going to the polls this year right in the middle of Ramadan over in Iraq. If the most recent Ramadan was any indication, we can expect the violence level in Iraq to double during that time period. It's entirely possible, infact, that Iraqi resisters, Al Qaeda, and other international terrorists might go out of their way to attack then, in order to derail Dubya's reelection chances... and frankly, I'd kind of count on it.

I don't care how much filthy money he has -- Dubya is in deep doo doo. Given the way things are shaping up, he could be facing "the perfect storm" come next November.

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