Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Killing the ladykillers.

Although I didn't watch the Super Bowl, I did watch the ads, which are available online here.

The one ad that really turned me off was the one for The Ladykillers, where Disney/Buena Vista magic transforms the original Ladykillers' harmless, doting English spinster into a "yo momma" joke. Apparently, this crude caricature reminds Marlon Wayans' character of his mother... which of course means that he was an abused child. He gets to be coldcocked repeatedly throughout the movie by the momma character, in order to beat the swearing and the "hippity hoppity" music out of him. Cheap laughs, sure, but ten to one momma doesn't beat up on any of the white characters. Considering how low they seem willing to go, it's surprising they don't have Eddie Murphy playing the role in drag and shouting "lawdy, lawdy" every five minutes.

Tom Hanks reprises Alec Guinness' role -- albeit as a "Southern gentleman" -- with none of the menacing creepiness but quite possibly the same set of teeth. Bad teeth do not make the man, however, so let's hope Hanks can do something with this mess. Even if he does though... what a waste.

And what a misuse of the Coen Brothers, too. Given that their other movie in the works is a remake of Fun With Dick & Jane, I think it's safe to say that we won't be expecting another Fargo out of them anytime soon. Three words for them. Write something original.

If there is anything redeeming about this movie, it will probably be Carter Burwell's soundtrack, combined with the original storyline's plot, which should help keep things breezy, fast-paced, and less insufferable, but something tells me that if this movie succeeds, it will not be because of what they've done with it, but in spite of what they've done to it.

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