Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Don't horde gold. Horde tea!

I opened up a new box of Sleepytime tea this evening, and though it wasn't mentioned on the box, it came with a spiffy new refrigerator magnet.

I immediately thought "What a cool little thing to do! Clever marketing. Kind of like Red Rose's animals..."

Then, of course, it struck me that some people make good money selling those animals and that the popularity of this would probably be a lot greater. Imagine an army of Celestial Seasonings fans, their refrigerators festooned with private hordes of refrigerator magnets... bells went off!

Turns out that Celestial Seasonings has made eight different magnets -- so far -- and that my elephant is selling on ebay for $2.15 + $2 shipping and handling, with almost four days left on the auction. Meanwhile, a Celestial Seasonings panda magnet is selling for $9.50 + $1.50 shipping and handling! Given the price that suckers collectors are willing to pay for these, they might just have well put an ounce of silver in every box!

Hm. Maybe I should create a market for refrigerator magnet futures...

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