Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

sacred cows and a diamond in the roughage...

A moral quandary is when you're Hindu, cows are sacred, and your cow swallows your bag of diamonds.

So, Mohabbatsinh Gohil has been following his cow around for the past 2 1/2 weeks now, sifting through its droppings in the hope of finding hidden treasure. And he's been lucky, too -- 555 diamonds down, 1167 to go. He speculates it will take another 30 days to get them back, but that's really optimistic, in that many of the diamonds might get lodged somewhere and never extract themselves, or just might be missed in the search. Meanwhile, his treasure hunt has become a regular form of entertainment for the locals.

A greater man than I would attach spiritual relevance to this story. So I will. There. It's attached. Can't you see it?! Good.

What is more special? A cow who craps diamonds? An owner who doesn't take his cow to a Pakistani butcher or slip him laxatives? ...or an avid crowd of wellwishers who look forward expectantly to every bowel movement and who cheer whenever they see a glint of light amidst the dung?

Yes. Exactly.

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