Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

LJ sluttery rewarded.

My post encouraging those contributed to my LiveJournal Crushes to come forward appears to be paying off. I had a nice bit of online chatting recently, and this evening I met up with noressa, who was in town for a convention. It was a very adorable, sparkly experience in a mrowrl! kind of way, and though it was entirely too short, I hope to see more of her in the future. Perhaps it will finally motivate me to pay a call on my uncle and his rapidly reproducing Catholic brood who live near Sacramento. They're the side of the family who got the breeder genes, apparently.

Tonight will probably be mellow-ish. Watching Rabbit-Proof Fence" with Iceblink, maybe hitting the hot tub afterwards, followed by lots of general affection and tucking in, and, of course, a requisite amount of light geeking. Might be on chat after 11 or 11:30, which is really when I should consider sleeping and which is also when I usually start to feel really awake. Figures, of course.

The aftermath of the most recent party has been a bit of a quiet time for me, as I needed some downtime, but there are worse ways to begin a year than with a kickass party followed by flirting. Could be a promising year... !

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