Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The show...

When I first heard that Peter Murphy had stripped down his band for his latest tour, I was somewhat less than enthusiastic... after all, he was touring with Kevin Haskins of Bauhaus fame as his drummer. The last thing most "solo acts" need is indulge their own egos to such an extent that they fail to please their audience...

...but Peter?! He loves.... he loves... he loves... he loves his audience!

Despite arriving a bit on the late side, we managed to find a spot on the lefthand side about two meters away from the stage. Peter, accompanied by a guitarist, electric violinist, and unobtrusive pre-recorded material, put on a set that was intimate without being stripped down. The crowd was extremely absorbed by the show, but the show itself never got slow, and the choice of material was sublime, concentrating on much of his best musical and lyrical work, while playing down his excesses or his overly rockish tunes. The violinist plucked and bowed out melodies elegantly, while the guitarist drove the songs along... but neither the musicians or the sound levels for the club interfered with Peter's voice, which was front and center, sounding as good as always. The interpretations of Peter's material never really sounded like or felt like interpretations... they felt as natural as the original recordings, while never feeling like a cheap knockoff. Almost the entire set was Peter Murphy material, with the exception of one Dalis Car track and an acoustic version of one of Bauhaus' rarer songs 'Hope'. The set was perhaps a bit less long than I would have preferred, but Peter does require his beauty sleep and still managed several encores...

The backdrop for the stage was a series of white panels which featured visuals that, if not original, were quite effective... he used scenes from "Powers of Ten", "Baraka", and even an old favorite app of mine, Fractint.

Before Peter Murphy even started the show, they were showing an interesting little bit of animation called "The Grid" from 1980, which features Peter Murphy... Well, after the show, I managed to get this...

Yes, it is signed!

Yes, it is signed! That made my night...

Delirium gets to see Peter tomorrow night! Like I said, it is a rather intimate little event, so get there early and get up close! If the crowd is anything like it was tonight, you will survive uncrushed and probably elated that you got to hold hands with Peter. He was in a good mood and seemed to appreciate the venue... hopefully he'll be back a bit more often!

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