Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Crush da crush.

The LiveJournal Crush meme (link not posted, so as to spare your curiosity...) is floating around again, and now it looks like I have 4.71 secret crushes that I don't know about. They want a $4 "donation" to tell me who has these crushes on me. For a donation-based service, however, it doesn't seem very optional, and I'm opposed to the idea of giving them my $$ for their evil meme.

But am I curious?!

I was *born* curious.


So, if you're one of those 4.71 people (or just someone who is interested in me anyways) all I ask is that you stop teasing me, and that you consider the possibility of going on a date with me instead. Here's my standing offer... an hour of my time -- possibly more -- either in person, in chat, or via webcam. It doesn't even need to be a date for that matter, especially if such a term is inappropriate or intimidating.

If this seems interesting to you, reply (or send email to insomnia @ with the date details (in person, chat, cam) and three possible times of availability --Tuesday and Wednesday evenings excepted -- and I will do my best to confirm for one of the three.

(If you have a crush on me, but don't respond to my offer of a date, do you suffer from the love that dare not speak its name?!)

I don't expect any of this to actually work, mind you... but still, I'd rather save the $4.

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